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Elizabeth GoodsteinProfessor of English, Comparative Literature and the Liberal Arts


Georg Simmel and the Disciplinary Imaginary (2017, Stanford UP. See; Experience without Qualities: Boredom and Modernity (2005, awarded the Modern Language Association Prize for a First Book and the German Studies Association/DAAD Book Prize); essays in English and German including “Sociology as a Sideline: Does It Matter That Georg Simmel (Thought He) Was A Philosopher?” in the Anthem Companion to Georg Simmel (2016); “Between Affect and History: The Rhetoric of Modern Boredom,” in Boredom Studies: Postdisciplinary Inquiries (forthcoming); “Simmel’s Stranger and the Third as Imaginative Form” in Colloquia Germanica (2015); “‘Behind the Poetic Fiction’: Freud, Schnitzler, and Feminine Subjectivity” in Psychoanalysis and History (2004); “Das Begehren des Begehrens: Ödipus und die Metamorphose zur Weiblichkeit” in Die Philosophin (1992).